Portfolio and College Prep Program

Sheldon’s Art Academy’s Portfolio Development is a new program designed to assist students in preparing portfolios for college, high school, summer programs and beyond. It will combine rigorous classical art training with highly personalized attention.

With over 20 years of experience, Sheldon Borenstein is a veteran of the professional art industry. He has worked on films such as Space Jam and Fern Gully and companies such Warner Bros, where he was on the Studio Review Board in charge of hiring and training new employees. In addition to running his Art Academy in Oak Park, Sheldon spends his Fridays being a lecturer at San Jose State University, where he teaches figure drawing and also sits on its admissions Review Board. It is this extensive insider experience that gives him great insight into the intricate details and demands of a portfolio.

He brings this expertise to the new Portfolio Development program, aimed at students who need to meet specific portfolio requirements. Based in his Oak Park studio, students will have access to a plethora of resources, from instructional books to training manuals to information materials from various art schools, and of course, Sheldon himself.

Like any other student at Sheldon’s Art Academy, those enrolled in this program will learn the foundations of drawing and painting. However, they will concurrently be preparing and selecting pieces to build a top-quality portfolio that will demonstrate both the foundation and finish that reviewers will be looking for. From composition to perspective, still life to head drawing, pencil to watercolors, Sheldon will guide students through the process, giving them the grounding that will allow them to apply these essential principles to anything they might draw and paint. These concepts will also form the foundation upon which students will develop their own personal styles.

Keeping in mind that each school / program’s portfolio requirements may vary somewhat, students will be able to schedule individual weekly appointments with Sheldon. During these sessions, the student and Sheldon will establish a reasonable timetable, review the week’s work and discuss his / her progress. Understanding that portfolio-building is a difficult process, Sheldon will work closely with students to provide each with the appropriate support and guidance to help his / her succeed.